What Does Side Out Mean in Volleyball?

Hey there, volleyball enthusiasts! Coach Rizwan Ali here, ready to dive into a concept that’s crucial for winning points – the side out. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, understanding side outs will elevate your game. So, buckle up and get ready to dominate the court!

What is a Side Out (in Simple Terms)?

Imagine this: the other team serves the ball, you and your teammates bump, set, and spike it perfectly! The ball hits the ground on the opponent’s side, and you erupt in cheers. That’s a side out! In simpler terms, a side out happens when the receiving team (that’s you and your teammates!) wins a rally and earns the right to serve next.

Why Are Side Outs So Important?

Side outs are like stepping stones to victory. Here’s why:

  • Gaining Control: When you achieve a side out, you take control of the serve. This gives you a chance to set the pace and potentially score points.
  • Building Momentum: Stringing together side outs creates a winning rhythm. It boosts your confidence and puts pressure on the opposing team.
  • Scoring Points: Remember, volleyball is all about points! Every side out under the rally scoring system gives your team a chance to score.

How Do I Earn a Side Out?

Think teamwork! Here are some key strategies:

  • Powerful Serves: A strong serve makes it harder for the other team to receive the ball properly, setting them up for a weak return.
  • Solid Passing: Consistent passing ensures the ball reaches your setter comfortably for the next attack.
  • Effective Setting: A good set positions the ball perfectly for a teammate to unleash a powerful spike.
  • Dominant Spiking: A well-aimed spike makes it difficult for the opponent to dig or return the ball, leading to a point for your team.

Beyond the Techniques:

While skills are important, remember the mental game too!

  • Communication: Talk to your teammates! Coordinate plays and call out who’s taking the hit.
  • Focus: Stay focused on each point. Don’t get discouraged by missed spikes, learn from them and keep pushing.
  • Teamwork: Volleyball is a team sport. Support each other, celebrate successes, and pick each other up after mistakes.


Mastering side outs takes practice, but with dedication, you’ll be dominating the court in no time! Remember, strong serves, teamwork, and a positive attitude are your keys to success. So, go out there, practice those side outs, and lead your team to victory!

Bonus Tip: Watch professional volleyball games and observe how top players achieve side outs. Analyze their strategies and incorporate them into your own game!

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