what clothing is typically worn for playing volleyball?

As an experienced volleyball coach, I’ve seen firsthand how the right clothing can significantly impact a player’s performance and safety on the court.

Whether you’re diving for a save on the indoor court or jumping for a spike on the beach, wearing the appropriate attire is crucial.

This guide is designed to help players at all levels choose the right clothing for volleyball, ensuring they can play their best while minimizing the risk of injury.

what clothing is typically worn for playing volleyball? Indoor Volleyball Clothing

what clothing is typically worn for playing volleyball

For Women

Jerseys and Shorts: In indoor volleyball, women typically wear form-fitting jerseys paired with spandex bike shorts. These jerseys are designed to be lightweight and moisture-wicking, helping keep players cool and comfortable during intense matches.

The shorts allow for a full range of motion, which is essential for diving, jumping, and sprinting. It’s common for jerseys to display the player’s last name and number for identification.

Footwear: The right shoes are paramount in volleyball. Women players should opt for lightweight athletic shoes with rubber or synthetic soles.

These provide the necessary grip on the court’s surface, allowing for quick movements and jumps without slipping.

Protection: Volleyball involves a lot of diving and falling, so knee pads are a must to protect against bruises and scrapes. Some players also choose to wear elbow braces for additional protection.

For Men

Jerseys and Shorts: Men’s indoor volleyball attire typically consists of sleeveless jersey tops and athletic shorts, similar to those worn in basketball. This combination offers comfort and flexibility, crucial for the game’s demands.

Footwear and Protection: Like women, men wear lightweight athletic shoes designed for grip and mobility. Knee pads are also standard to cushion falls and dives.

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what clothing is typically worn for playing volleyball? Beach Volleyball Clothing

For Women

Swimsuits: Beach volleyball clothing is notably different due to the environment. Women often wear one or two-piece swimsuits.

The choice between a bikini or a more conservative option depends on personal preference and weather conditions. Accessories like hats and sunglasses are also common to protect against the sun.

For Men

Shorts and Tank Tops: Men usually wear shorts and tank tops, prioritizing comfort and ease of movement. Unlike indoor volleyball, there’s more flexibility in attire, and players often go barefoot, though socks may be worn in extremely hot conditions.

Recreational Volleyball Clothing

For those playing volleyball recreationally, the clothing is more about comfort and less about strict guidelines.

T-shirts paired with basketball shorts, sweats, or swish pants are common. The key is to wear clothes that allow for unrestricted movement.

Athletic shoes with good arch support and shock-absorbency are recommended to protect the feet during play.

Safety and Accessories

Regardless of the volleyball type, safety should always be a priority. Jewelry should be avoided as it can cause injuries, and long hair should be secured. Women should consider wearing supportive sports bras for additional comfort.

Knee pads are recommended for all players to protect against floor impacts, and ankle braces can help prevent common volleyball injuries.

Legal Uniform Requirements for Competition

For competitive play, there are specific uniform requirements. Teams must wear identical tops in design and color, with the Libero player wearing a contrasting jersey.

There are also restrictions on the size and placement of manufacturer logos and jersey numbers. Undergarments should not be visible and must match the primary color of the uniform.


Choosing the right clothing for volleyball is about more than just looking good on the court. It’s about performance, safety, and adhering to the rules of the game.

As a coach, I’ve seen players’ confidence and abilities soar when they’re properly outfitted. Remember, the best volleyball attire is the one that allows you to play at your peak while keeping you safe from injuries. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, paying attention to your clothing can make a significant difference in your volleyball journey.

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